How to Write an Essay

Writing essays is an essential part of education in college or school. A good essay can help you to earn good marks. But you might be busy to write your own essay. A lot of people has to be busy after the hours of their classes and therefore cannot write their own essay. There are professional services that help these kinds of people. So if you are one of them like I don’t want to write my essay there are plenty of solutions for you. However, you need to know the basics of writing an essay so that you can get the work done by someone else and you can also have good marks.

Type of the Essay

There are different types of essays you need to write in life. There are essays for college assignment submission, cause and effect essays, narrative essays, research essays, descriptive essays etc. Also, you might need to write an essay for college admission. An essay can be of different kinds. It mainly depends on the type of the job it has to perform. Usually, people have to write academic essays for the most part.

Essay Title

When you are writing an essay you need to focus on the essay title. The title is the first thing people come across to your essay. So just focus on that first. If you write a brilliant essay without an attractive name then you might get average marks from the course instructor. Most of the experts suggest that you should choose an essay title before you start the body. You know the topic, so choosing should be easy. The title helps you to stick to the actual essay you want to put on.

Generate Ideas

After you have fixed an essay title, you need to generate ideas for the essay. You should have enough ideas before you start on. You can start with a brainstorming session of yourself. Thus you will get plenty of ideas to work on. Now choose the essay idea that you want to elaborate. This is a simple process if you can write down the ideas and do some reasoning.


After you have selected an idea for the essay, you need to do some research. You need to back the essay information with enough sources and references. So you need to do some research on the essay topic.

Plan the Essay

When you complete the research then plan the essay body. You need to visualize the contents of the essay. How you start, which information you give etc. things should be planned before you start writing the essay. Also, collect enough diagrams and graphs that you want to attach.

Create the structure

The final stage is to create the essay structure. You need to create a structure for the essay. The introduction and conclusion play a vital role. You do not need to extend the essay for long. Just write valid and necessary information that gives a clear vision to the reader.

Thus you can write a perfect essay.


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